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Value Chain Analysis & Market Assessment

Agri-Impact Consult has been involved in designing a number of Inclusive Business models for the African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM) of UNDP. The firm has been instrumental in authoring “Unleashing Africa’s Hidden Wealth- How Innovation and Entrepreneurship can create inclusive business ecosystem for shared prosperities”.  The document profiles inclusive business models and focuses on the 4 key principles underlying inclusive business: Information, Incentives, Investments and Implementation. In addition, the firm has been a major contributor to UNDP’s document on Supplier Development Program (SDP), a tool that has been developed to be used in Africa to implement inclusive businesses in the agribusiness sector. 


AIC under the USAID Liberia-Food & Enterprise Development & ZOA-Liberia undertook a baseline and market study for cassava and cassava products in Liberia profiling producers and SMEs in the cassava industry. A value chain analysis was done to map-out the various functions and actors within the cassava value chain, identified their roles, challenges, gaps and fields of investment. The study also assessed the profitability of cassava processing and marketing, recommended appropriate business models suitable to exploit market opportunities and improve competitiveness of the Liberia Cassava Sector.

In 2011, AIC was commissioned by African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM) of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to conduct a study on the roles and opportunities of the private sector in Africa’s agro-food industry. Perspective of the subject was drawn from over 55 CEO’s of multinationals, national agro-processing firms and public sector institutions in South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Burkina and Nigeria. It focused on successful inclusive market development models in Africa, incentives required by the private sector to crystallize opportunities, deepen investment in the agro-food sector and explored mechanisms through which the private sector could engage smallholder farmers to turn them from subsistence farmers into viable agri-enterprises.

AIC has been the main value chain trainer for UNDP. It was engaged by the African Facility for Inclusive Markets (AFIM) to conduct value chain training and inclusive business models for public and private sector institutions in East Africa (Kenya) and West Africa (Dakar). Over 60 professionals were trained under this sprogram. Similarly, AIC conducted value chain, business models and agricultural project leadership training program for UNDP, Ministries of Trade, Commerce and Agriculture, Producer Associations and Exporters in Gambia



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