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Trade Facilitation & Market Linkage

Trade facilitation refers to policies and measures aimed at easing trade costs by improving efficiency at each stage of the international trade chain

Aside focusing on measures of regulations, most empirical studies evaluating the impacts of trade facilitation on agricultural trade tend to focus on customs performance, infrastructure and logistics efficiency, and overall trade times. These evaluations tend to rely on more general indicators such as the number of days for export and import, the number of documents needed, infrastructure quality, and shipping connectivity and logistics performance indices as proxies for more specific aspects of trade facilitation.

AIC over the years has facilitated trades between farmers and customers, on import, export and transit trade ranging from information availability, advance rulings and appeals, to formalities concerning documentation, time delays, automation and procedures to allow for the speedy movement of traded goods more important of agricultural, especially perishable products than for other goods because of their sensitivity, especially in West Africa

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