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Income Generation and Livelihood Development Project  

Income Generation and Livelihood Development Project is a 3-year pilot project targeted at supporting 450 farmers, 4,000 collectors and agents in Ghana and Liberia towards the development of NTFPs value chain in West Africa. 

The € 1,184,956.00 Project was championed by Agri-Impact Consult (AIC) over the project period. AIC was instrumental in Collecting baseline data on participating farmers for end of project evaluation, Building the technical and managerial capacities of value chain actors in high value horticultural products to increase income and improve livelihoods.

AIC also investigated the suitability of using electronic media to transfer technologies and disseminate market and technical information to producers, provided training and built capacities of farmers and technical officers in good agricultural and collection practices, sustainable harvesting and post-harvest handling techniques, quality control and assurance, market analysis and the use of information communication technology.

AIC established strategic partnership with private companies, (buyers) to provide assured markets to suppliers of high-quality materials, Assessed and evaluated the impact of training models including ICT on producer’ businesses.